There was a talk about hair loss of one of my colleges
There was a talk about hair loss of one of my colleges.. When Aishwari was contacted.. And he talked about her beauty oil.. Let's try.. I bought with that purpose but the result was so amazing that it felt convenient to share with you.. In just 20 days.. Isn't it amazing!! It is not my nature to discuss my personal matter in public in general.. But if it benefits someone else, why not?? In the daily hustle, there is no time to give yourself time after job time.. Then such a sudden unexpected result!! Feeling of pleasant.. Aishwari.. With a lot of hard work.. Making a product of it with perseverance.. Unimaginable change in hair growth of my college!! Those who do not have hair will understand the importance of this.. 'Neither the edge of Kajre nor did anyone make up.. Even then '... The Indian society obsessed with such talks, if anyone is trying for its beauty, it takes down. Our mentality is that.. Like to look beautiful but healthy.. If someone advertises for glowing skin then also they will say.. 'What is this show off?? 'I have also come out for years to cover my skin black in the sun in scarf.. Question is of society's mentality.. Deepika.. The society who is fascinated by the beauty of Alia does not accept beauty care immediately.. So many beauties are trapped in Miss World's Tikdam.. વેલ.. જવા દયો.. I am really thankful to aishwari.. 💕